c308 Marketing is a full-service digital agency and creative shop.

c308 Marketing has spent the last decade building websites. Big websites. We've catered to some of the most robust names in technology (think Fujitsu-Siemens, ViewSonic, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard), and served as the interactive muscle for both local and national advertising agencies.


We create online assets so easy to navigate, so enjoyable to peruse, and so fundamentally helpful that questions are answered before users can fully articulate them.


At c308, we’re determined to never call the horse a unicorn. We don’t overstate the problem or oversell the solution. Most significant, we can actually build the designs and implement the marketing strategies we prescribe. Our developers have CSS under their fingernails when they go home at night, and our designers have to tame the UI monsters they bring to life.

For the love of the work.

Mike Kerby is accustomed to delivering assets that scale to the ever-shifting, ever-increasing demands of Fortune 100 clients... and just as practiced at anticipating helpful training wheels for a start-up’s first e-commerce site.

A graduate of the University of Idaho, his career began in 1997 as a marketing director for a local athletic club. Six months later he was hired at one of the top technology-focused channel marketing agencies in the country, Creative Source International. A promising splinter-firm was born during his time there, and Kerby left Creative Source to specialize in tech product launches. During the dot-com crash he put in long hours as a consultant, successfully navigating the devastated technology sector.

Kerby founded c308 Marketing in 2003 as a boutique strategic shop.

Having knit together an intimidating network of talent and capabilities, our work is captivating going on irresistible. Nothing is backward engineered and client goals are pursued like the North Star.

No shortcuts.
No bureaucracy.
No posturing.

The good, the old, and the pro bono.