When it comes to the Idaho Lottery, someone, somewhere is always winning – players, retailers, and Idaho’s public schools and buildings.  Just thinking about it gives us that “Wooh!” feeling.

Idaho Lottery
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The Idaho Lottery website homepage is more than just many, many pretty faces. The new design incorporates much of the old website (circa 2009), but matures their online presence with smart UX, sophisticated interactive elements, and a strict adherence to the Idaho Lottery brand.

Lottery administrators can choose from a retinue of fonts, textures, colors, and behaviors to customize each of the 4 homepage sliders. The use of SVG files (rather than JPG or PNG) allow for drastically lower overhead when loading the page — without compromising vector quality. Desktop or mobile, Idaho Lottery banner images render immediately in brilliant HD.



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For avid players, the addition of a Check Numbers tab might be the most convenient consequence of this website overhaul. Bringing this functionality to the landing page — above the fold — allows users to check their numbers for any/all draw games without clicking deeper into the site or needing to navigate between various pages. Clever use of javascript allows a powerhouse of API data and robust UI scaffolding to be to be hidden in plain sight.

Best of all (and in keeping with the architecture of the entire site), there are no dead ends. Users can check as many numbers and past drawings as they wish by clicking through to the unique game page of any respective draw game.



We're Analytics Junkies